My Students

A little brief about few of my current and past student who I have taught over the years.


Mian Hu

Mian Hu
Mian Hu

Mian is a student who is currently studying MSc Political Economy of late Development (Economic History Department) at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She is from Shanghai and can speak Chinese, English and some German. Her personal skills are STATA and Tradesift.

Her hobbies are drawing and playing the piano. She has completed her BSc Economics from the University of Sussex. During her second year of study, she had been lucky enough to get an offer to study at Vienna for Exchange (Vienna University of Economics and Business), Where she found herself falling deeply in love with Economics, mathematics, and Finance but her favorite interest is Macroeconomics.

If given a chance she would like to go on studying and do research in these fields. Her dream is to work at the IMF (International Monetary Fund) one day.


Eleonora Elizabeth Abascal

Eleonora Elizabeth AbascalEleonora is one of my past research methods student who has recently graduated from the University of Sussex with a masters in Management and Entrepreneurship. British born with a multi-national, cultural and lingual background, born in Surrey and can speak English (native tongue), Spanish, Italian, and French she considers herself to be born global.

She enjoys horse-riding, photography, and painting when she has the time she likes to visit museums and art galleries. She completed her BA in Business and Management at the University of Northampton and believes that having obtained these degrees in different parts of the UK has also been beneficial as it has enabled her to appreciate different domestic university cultures, environments and ways of teaching from different lecturers.

Given the chance, she would like to be part of the academic learning environment and pursue her passion for learning and teaching throughout her life.


Zymantas Budrys

Zymantas BudrysZymantas is currently a student completing an intensive Master’s course in Economics at Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.

During undergraduate studies at the University of Sussex, Zymantas was awarded the Economics Single Honours prize and the Economics Dissertation prize for examining the descriptive power of Taylor rule in explaining the policies of Bank of England.

His last employment was working as a teaching assistant at The University of Sussex where he introduced students to a wide range of statistical research methods for financial analysis. He also previously worked as a research assistant and assistant to SMEs Executives in the Bank’s Business department.

Zymantas currently shows academic interest in the role of the banking industry in dynamic macroeconomic models, monetary policy, and financial regulation.

His future aspirations are pursuing Ph.D. in years ahead, developing research ideas and being involved in economic policy-making.