Interesting observations after reading the BIS Report

After reading new BIS’s report there are following interesting observations I could find. Firstly, for last few years centrals banks have been printing electronic money like crazy. The only effect of pumping this empty money into the economy is that the total debt increases and the creation of huge speculative bubbles in the economy. Secondly, the percentage of tax revenue allocated to the repayment of government debt rose from 20% to around 25%. And because, the last few years economic growth was with lower rate than it was expected , it only caused even bigger speculative bubbles on bonds markets and derivative instruments marks, which should be immediately pierced. Thirdly, maybe it is better now to break out this speculative bubbles and have a controlled crash. Instead of waiting until the scale of the distortion will increase, leading to a collapse of the system without of any control.
Lastly, but the most interesting and ironic question which came to my mind is who was advising for this QE monetary policy – it was not BIS or IMF which led to this policy and then again who will be winner of this control cash. As I know, in finance if one is losing someone else is winning but who this time? Already after crisis in 2008, the main effect is that there is a significant enrichment of the richest 1% of society.
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